“Our lives, the hopeless Afghans, are at stack”

The international community is cautiously observing the Taliban’s governance in Afghanistan. In the country, thousands of people are displaced; beyond the political crisis, there are unemployment, hunger, and the drought that devastates the country... “The war is over”, Mirwais Maiwandwal said, the former newsdesk manager of the Weesa Daily, one of the largest independent newspapers in Afghanistan. However, the new Government leaves an enormous uncertainty in the air; and despite the return to peace, “the social, economic and political situation worsened”.

China studies limiting rare earth exports to US

China is considering limiting exports to the United States of rare earths, minerals vital to the technology industry, which could harm the American defense sector, reports the British newspaper Financial Times (FT) today. According to the economic journal, which cites…

China accuses Britain of 'prejudice' in revoking CGTN licence

China on Friday accused Britain of “ideological prejudice” in revoking the licence of Chinese state broadcaster CGTN, as tensions mount between London and Beijing. British regulator Ofcom revoked CGTN’s licence on Thursday after finding its state-backed…

Virus team visits China lab as poorer nations get vaccine boost

International experts on Wednesday inspected a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan that some US officials had suggested was the source of the coronavirus, as plans were firmed up to distribute vaccines to poorer nations The World Health Organization-backed Covax scheme said it…

WHO virus experts poised to start Wuhan fieldwork

Experts from the World Health Organization met Chinese officials Friday ahead of their first site visits in Wuhan for a coronavirus origins probe which will take in a food market presumed to be “ground zero” of the pandemic. The fieldwork was set to begin in…